The Ethics of Our Leather

May 03, 2016 1 Comment

The Ethics of Our Leather

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We get asked about the source of our leather and the moral implications of using it a lot. This is a very valid concern and we thought we'd address it in this post.

Our leather is a bi-product of the meat industry. We do not use calf leather or that of animals which are bred for their leather or which are endangered.

We buy our leather from local tanneries in Karachi- Pakistan, who purchase the hides from different mandis (wholesale markets) in the city. Most of these hides come from the province of Punjab, very few even make it from across the border in Iran. Interesting fact: Pakistani hides are supposed to be some of the best for making leather in the world.

Another thing which we have started doing is purchasing discarded leather for making special products. Not only will this add more diversity to our collection, but it also has a positive impact of the ecosystem.

Trust us, animal wellfare is a cause which we are deeply moved by and we do whatever we can in our personal and professional capacity to make a difference.

Last of all, no, we do not use bear leather for any of our products! Seriously, how could you even think that!?

- Husain

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