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We recently introduced our first canvas satchel and have a canvas duffle bag on the way. While the two bags have been well received so far and we are very excited to be working with this new material, we do get asked quite frequently why we are moving away from leather - after all, isn't that what we became popular for?

Well, here's the answer:

  • Canvas is a durable material and feeds into our mission of offering durable products
  • Canvas costs less than leather, which means we will be able to offer a more affordable option off our products
  • Canvas allows us to fall back on something if and when we face a shortage of leather - this is quite common due to the unprofessional nature of the leather tanning industry in Pakistan
  • Canvas looks really cool - it's got that rugged and natural look which we go for

Lastly, working with canvas does not mean we're abandoning leather - far from it. It just means we're expanding our product vision by offering more kinds of products. Our vision for Bear Necessities is not to be a niche brand, but to be the Zara of the Bags/Luggage and Accessories industry. This requires us to be more flexible in our product approach. So while leather will remain our primary focus - even our canvas products have elements of leather, you can expect more experimentation from us in future.

In the end, while the material might vary, and while we might grow too fast, you can always expect us to remain true to our promise of providing handcrafted, durable leather classics and products which inspire adventure.

Until next time, your's humbly,


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