• Kamaiya

    Versatile & fun crossbody bag
  • Zambil

    Small size backpack for outings
  • Mehru

    Minimalist leather clutch
We at Bear Necessities believe that a life well-lived is a life full of adventures.
Adventures don't necessarily have to be outdoors and on a large scale - it's a matter of taking small risks and looking beyond the obvious. It can be anything from sipping a coffee in a cafe and chatting with a complete stranger, to traversing the desert alone. We strive to provide products that bring out your adventurous side - products which tell a story and grow with you as you evolve. 
In today's disposable culture, Bear Necessities provides you with handcrafted leather goods which are simple, practical and those which you can pass on to the next generation with the same dream. In short, we aim to provide you with durable leather classics.