Our Story

Bear Necessities was started by the husband-wife team of Husain and Summaiya in November 2014.

The Co-Founders

Their inspiration came from Husain’s maternal uncle, Maamu Balloo, who was the first in the family to pick up leather crafting and had a small karkhana (workshop) in his hometown of Sahiwal where he would make gun cases, messenger bags and other leather accessories for a small group of collectors, hobbyist, and family (Bear Necessities messenger bag Balloo is an ode to him and a copy of the bag he gifted Summaiya on her first visit to Sahiwal). Given Pakistan’s huge leather industry and rich tradition of crafting by hand, Husain and Summaiya saw this as an opportunity for a leather brand which could one day become a global player.

Maamu Balloo and his trusted Wheelie roaming the streets of Sahiwal

Fond of travelling and now bit by the entrepreneurial bug, the couple would take notes and discuss the different leather bags they saw people around the world carrying during their travels. A lot of these bags were worn in, some of them having aged timelessly and you got a sense of the shared adventure and bond between the owner and the bag. They studied the different types of leather, how it ages and how it affects both the form and function of a bag.

Thus Bear Necessities was started with a love for travel, adventure and a wish to make amazingly functional and durable products. There was a steep learning curve during the early years, but through perseverance, openness and a desire to learn and improve, and staying true to their mission of providing durable leather classics, a strong brand with loyal patrons not just in Pakistan but also internationally (lovingly referred to as the BN family), was forged.

Our karigar (craftsmen) team

When you buy a Bear Necessities bag or wallet, you don’t just buy a product, you buy a lifetime companion and after-sales support. We can’t wait to have you on board and be a part of the BN family.