Our Leather

Buffalo pull up leather

The quality of leather plays a huge role in how our products are received by our customers, which is why we go through such great lengths to source the best quality only.

We only use cow or buffalo hides for making our leather, which are a by-product of the meat industry in Pakistan. Cow and buffalo leather is soft, thick and durable, making it perfect for use in accessories.
Our leather is mostly full grain, meaning it retains the imperfections found on the surface of the skin naturally, and vegetable tanned-- made using natural and environmentally friendly dyes. 

Some of the leather which we use in our products is known as Crazy Horse or Pull-up leather. This leather is know for it's two-tone effect. It lightens from the spot where it is stretched revealing a lighter tone underneath and giving the leather a vintage and worn-in look and feel over time.
The leather does scratch more easily than the readily available and cheaper pigmented or chrome tanned leather however, most of these scratches can be easily removed by applying a thin layer of a good quality leather wax.

Caring for your leather product

The best way to care for your leather product is to apply a good quality leather wax on it every three to four months. Wax is like moisturizer for the leather. It gets rid of dryness and makes the leather softer and stronger. It will also get rid of most, but not all, scratches and scruffs and may darken the color of the leather temporarily. Most leather waxes will also water proof your product for a while.

You can find a clear or neutral leather wax at most superstores but, for the really good quality, try Amazon or Alibaba.

You should always avoid exposing the leather to water, extreme heat or sticky substances like tape as they will always leave a mark on the skin.

In case you have any other queries regarding caring for your leather product, feel free to get in touch with us.

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